2027 Toyota GR Supra Redesign, Price, Interior

2027 Toyota GR Supra Redesign, Price, Interior   –  Sedans and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) cater to the masses and make up a sizeable chunk of Toyota’s inventory. In contrast, vehicles denoted by the letters GR represent the pinnacle of the manufacturer’s performance offerings; the 2027 GR Supra stands head and shoulders above the competition in this regard. One of the reasons the Supra made it onto our 2027 Editors’ Choice list is because of its very unique exterior design.

The Supra looks completely different from the BMW Z4 convertible, even though it shares its platform and was built alongside it. Turbocharged four-cylinder engines that generate 255 horsepower and turbocharged 3.0 liter six-cylinder engines that generate 382 horsepower are just two examples of the many similarities between the two. The Supra is available with either a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission, and all trim levels have standard rear-wheel drive.  2027 Toyota GR Supra Redesign

2027 Toyota GR Supra Redesign and Update Plan

Exterior and Interior

Although designed with the driver in consideration, the cramped cockpit makes it hard to maneuver around. Even with the additional headroom provided by the double-bubble canopy, drivers of any height will still feel cramped. The trunk is similarly cramped, but it has enough capacity for two carry-on bags or about a week’s worth of groceries for two people, and it’s accessible from the hatchback. 2027 Toyota GR Supra InteriorWe successfully tested the vehicle’s ability to accommodate four pieces of carry-on luggage behind the back seats. Those who are accustomed to the layout and controls of BMW automobiles’ entertainment systems will find the Toyota to be an exact replica. This is because there are a lot of shared components between the Z4 and the Toyota’s cabin.  2027 Toyota GR Supra Redesign

2027 Toyota GR Supra Specs

The GR Supra’s principal display, an 8.8-inch screen with a heavily redesigned version of BMW’s latest iDrive system, is in line with the theme of information and entertainment. The GR Supra fits this description because it is a hybrid. Every single one of the series’ vehicles is equipped with the digital gauge display, which, in comparison to the Bimmer, has a more distinctive style. Although technologies like Apple CarPlay and GPS are also featured, Android Auto is not one of the possible choices. Given the cramped quarters inside the GR Supra, we think the base 10-speaker audio system will be more than enough for most buyers. Even if a JBL audio system with 12 speakers is available as an option, this is still the case.  2027 Toyota GR Supra Redesign2027 Toyota GR Supra Redesign

Engine and Performance

Last year, a six-speed manual transmission was finally offered, although it was limited to the optional turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine. As a result of its competitive powertrain, the Supra is now grouped alongside the Chevrolet Camaro SS, Porsche Cayman GTS, and BMW M2 Competition, among others. In terms of acceleration, it easily outpaces the famous fourth-generation Supra, which had a 320-horsepower consecutively turbocharged inline-six engine. Actually, it outpaces the Supra in terms of speed.2027 Toyota GR Supra Engine

The GR Supra’s suspension is so accommodating that it can be driven every day, regardless of how good it may be. This is due to the suspension’s remarkably accommodating nature. The steering is precise, but it’s also light and responsive, which adds to the car’s appealing and entertaining driving characteristics. Since our long-term GR Supra had no trouble getting stuck in the snow, we knew this was the one part of its performance that needed improvement. As part of the speed test, a 2023 Toyota Supra 3.0 was also subjected to acceleration from 0 to 150 to 0. In this test, the vehicle’s brakes were so well-managed that it stopped completely in 31.1 seconds.  2027 Toyota GR Supra Redesign

2027 Toyota GR Supra Fuel Economy

The Environmental Protection Agency reports 25 MPG in urban areas and 32 MPG on highways for this vehicle. Even with its increased power, the GR Supra 3.0 produces very respectable performance. The manual transmission gets 19 and 27 mpg, respectively, while the automatic gets 23 and 31 mpg in the city and highway, respectively. These two numbers are just mind-blowing. Fuel economyis where this car really shines, especially when compared to rivals like the Camaro, Cayman GTS, and M2. The six-cylinder GR Supra showed an impressive 34 mpg on our highway fuel-economy test route, set at 75 mph, which was far higher than its highway mpg. Meanwhile, the GR Supra’s turbo four-cylinder managed an incredible 38 miles per gallon.  2027 Toyota GR Supra Redesign

2027 Toyota GR Supra Safety Features

Every single one of the Toyota GR Supra models is equipped with a plethora of driver aid features. A system that falls under this category is autonomous emergency braking. Additional functions may be added to the automobile with the Driver’s Assist package, which is an optional add-on. The results of the GR Supra’s crash testing may be found on the websites of the IIHS and the NHTSA, so you can look them up if you like. The following are among the most important aspects of safety:

  • Automatic emergency braking as standard equipment, with pedestrian detection and a warning system to activate in the event of a lane change
  • The kit includes the standard automatic high-beams.  2027 Toyota GR Supra Redesign

2027 Toyota GR Supra Price and Update Plan

Depending on the trim level and extras chosen, the price of a 2027 Toyota GR Supra can range from $47,535 to $66,370. The specifics of the car dictate the range of prices. We think the six-cylinder 3.0’s blistering acceleration is worth shelling out the extra cash, even if the four-cylinder GR Supra 2.0 gives up very little in the way of driving pleasure. From our point of view, this is correct. We do not advise getting the Driver Assist package, even though it has adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and a lane-keeping assist system that is more bothersome than helpful.

The newly introduced six-speed manual transmission is a natural fit for the 3.0 model because its price is comparable to that of the automatic gearbox. In addition to a complimentary one-year membership to the National Auto Sport Association, a sports-car racing sanctioning body, every GR Supra also includes a complimentary day at a high-performance driving event. Both of these advantages are at your disposal. Also, think about how you may use that extra cash into more track time or fresh tires if you forego the Driver’s Assist package.  2027 Toyota GR Supra Redesign