2024 Toyota Crown Price, Release Date, Colors

2024 Toyota Crown Price, Release Date, ColorsEven though Toyota stopped selling the Crown in the United States in 1972, it is still an integral part of the company’s product portfolio. In 1958, the United States received the first of this particular type. Toyota plans to reintroduce the Crown, a full-size sedan, in 2024 to compete in a market that has seen better days. The 2024 Toyota Crown has taken over for the discontinued Avalon and comes with regular hybrid power or a raised style reminiscent of a crossover.

Other than the Volvo S60 Cross Country, we need help to think of any modern US-market vehicles that mix sedan and SUV characteristics that aren’t electric, just like the Polestar 2 or the Tesla Model 3. The 2024 Toyota Crown flew to Nashville, Tennessee, for a test drive of a Crown on some lovely rural roads to see if the vehicle’s odd size may revitalize a stale market sector.

We have a range of opinions about the Crown here at HQ. It’s a worthy replacement for the Toyota Avalon in a market category with limited choices for full-size sedans, and it provides a pleasant driving experience. Despite its slow acceleration, the traditional hybrid system has excellent fuel economy without sacrificing much performance. In addition, the Hybrid Max, which is an option, offers unprecedented acceleration for a Toyota hybrid while still achieving 30 mpg as indicated by the EPA.

Those looking for something with extraordinary dimensions will enjoy The Crown, and the asking price is on the point of becoming expensive. The Crown is less practical than a hatchback or SUV because of its small liftback. When comparing the Arteon to the Stinger, the latter offers much greater room for storage (15.2 cubic feet).

2024 Toyota Crown Redesign

Exterior Design

The 2024 Toyota Crown is a very uncommon bird, making it difficult to pinpoint precisely what it is. The car has a height of 60.6, which places it 3.7 inches above a Toyota Camry. With only 5.8 inches of storage capacity, the Crown is taller than its more conventional sibling. Why? As its outward appearance belies its proper size. The Crown’s profile makes it look like a crossover vehicle, although its increased beltline, rather than a raised chassis, is responsible for much of the car’s perceived height rise.

2024 Toyota Crown

The Crown is a good fit if you desire a sedan but need a higher window line for easier entry and exit. Toyota will also offer a regular sedan and two SUVs in other markets, but this strange pseudo-sedan is the only confirmed body type in the United States.

Interior Design

Regarding Toyotas, the Crown’s cabin is as plush as it gets without crossing into the Lexus price range. We liked the XLE’s black woven fabric over the Limited’s and Platinum’s heated and ventilated leather in black, black with chestnut and macadamia. This high-end fabric provides superior air circulation and comfort compared to leather, much like the wool seats in the Japanese-market Century car.

2024 Toyota Crown Sedan

The digital instrument cluster screen is the same size as the standard 12.3-inch touchscreen in all trim levels. Touchscreen uses the latest Toyota infotainment system, which means wireless Apple CarPlay and Google Auto are supported. Both seats provide sufficient legroom; however, several of the taller media representatives at the drive event expressed worry about the availability of overhead storage. At 5 feet 8 inches, we had plenty of room to move about.

2024 Toyota Crown Engine

All three Crown grades are equipped with hybrid power, and you may choose between two different hybrid systems. The XLE and Limited models come standard with the fourth-generation Toyota Hybrid System, which mates a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with two electric motors. The 236 hp is sent to the wheels through an electronic CVT. If you worry about fuel economy, the standard hybrid is your best bet due to its 42 city mpg, 41 highway mpg, and 41 combined mpg. It gets excellent gas mileage, but the trade-off is its sluggish acceleration (7.3 seconds to reach 60 mph).

2024 Toyota Crown Price

With the Platinum grade alone, Toyota has introduced a new Hybrid MAX version that swaps out the V6 for a turbocharged 2.4-liter inline-four. The Hybrid Max’s permanent all-wheel-drive system can distribute power in the range of 70:30 to 20:80 between the front electric motor and the rear axle, for a total of 340 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque. In contrast to older systems that used a direct drive, this one uses a six-speed automatic gearbox to enhance the riding experience. The new 0–60 time is a lightning-fast 5.7 seconds. Still, it gets 29/32/30 mpg in terms of fuel economy.

2024 Toyota Crown Price and Release Date

The base price of a Crown XLE is $39,950, making it more expensive than the Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, Kia Stinger, or Nissan Maxima but less expensive than the Volkswagen Arteon. The Crown is unique among vehicles in its class since it uses a hybrid drivetrain. For an additional $5,550, you may upgrade to the Limited trim, which has more high-tech gadgets and a more comfortable cabin. The Hybrid Max drivetrain is only available for an additional $52,350 on the Platinum trim level. The Crown’s premium pricing compared to that of a Lexus ES Hybrid is justified by its superior performance.